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Your core business requires trucks and with those trucks comes DOT regulatory trucking compliance. Whether you have cargo vans, straight trucks, tractor-trailers, cargo tanks, flatbeds, or any other type of commercial motor vehicle, our transportation safety consultants can assist you with the development, implementation and management of your fleet compliance programs.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (DOT), various State Department of Transportation Agencies, and the insurance industry all require companies operating commercial motor vehicles to have a safety and regulatory compliance program in place.

DOT Trooper can assist you with managing these programs, requirements and regulations. Our trucking consultants can assist you with the following:

DOT Compliance Audits
Driver Hiring & Qualification Compliance
Driver / Employee Physical & Drug Testing Programs
Driver Hours-of-Service & Driver Log Auditing Programs
Assist with Accidents & Cargo Claim Programs
Roadside Inspection & Accident tracking Programs
Solving Problems Requires a Higher Level of Awareness

Managers and supervisors of motor carriers often do not find out about a problem until after it has been exposed. And usually by that time the problem has caused a situation where some form of loss is the end result.
€‹Dan has extensive experience in Commercial Vehicle Enforcement. He was responsible for weighing and checking commercial vehicles operating over the public highways of the State of Texas. Contact DOT Trooper Consulting today at (940) 391 - 1567.
€‹DOT Trooper Consulting services for inspections and crashes. DOT Trooper Consulting works to identify alerts and safety, then evaluates and investigates how to resolve and manage the Federal Regulations for DOT with trucks, trailers and other commercial vehicles or fleets.
€‹Over 70,000 inspections were conducted during last year's Roadcheck event. Of the vehicles inspected, 18.3% were placed out of service for mechanical problems. The driver out-of-service rate was 4%. That means nearly 13,000 vehicles and nearly 3,000 drivers were placed out of service. Contact us for consulting about changes in CSA and other service rules.
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Take an unexpected roadside inspection, for example. The driver opens the door of the vehicle and trash falls out at the feet of the inspector. The inspector's original intention may have been a simple screening of the driver but now, conducting a closer examination including the driver's logs, shipping papers, load securement, and a full Level 1 inspection of the entire vehicle now crosses his or her mind. After all, if the driver shows an obvious lack of care in his/her personal environment and the company equipment, what further issues may exist with the safety condition of the vehicle?

Companies establish policies and rules to inform employees of minimum standards that must be met. When management sees a gap between a given situation and the standard, they must assess the situation to determine if this problem is an individual's doing or is widespread throughout the company. Enforcement of company policies and rules is important as it lays down specific ground rules to all employees as to what is accepted, and what isn't. However, solving problems almost always requires a higher level of awareness than that which created the problem.

Communicating expectations to drivers of their responsibilities on matters such as the daily completion of vehicle inspection reports, log entries and hours of service rules, adhering to speed limits, and conduct at roadside inspections, which include keeping the vehicle presentable, will prevent many problems from causing even bigger problems after the fact.

An effective means to fend off problems from rooting themselves in a carrier's culture is the reward and recognition a carrier provides to drivers who comply not only with company policies, but also with the rules and regulations of the industry. Some reward ideas: a day off for a clean roadside inspection, a gift certificate for accurate and complete logs or DVIRs after a specified period of time, monetary rewards for being accident free or getting no moving violations after a period of time, and yes, a company hat for a clean vehicle. These are but a few examples of how problems are prevented when expectations of standards are met by creating a higher level of awareness.

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