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Denton, Texas.
Dan has extensive experience in Commercial Vehicle Enforcement. He was responsible for weighing and checking commercial vehicles operating over the public highways of the State of Texas. Contact DOT Trooper Consulting today at (940) 391 - 1567.
DOT Trooper Consulting services for inspections and crashes. DOT Trooper Consulting works to identify alerts and safety, then evaluates and investigates how to resolve and manage the Federal Regulations for DOT with trucks, trailers and other commercial vehicles or fleets.
Over 70,000 inspections were conducted during last year's Roadcheck event. Of the vehicles inspected, 18.3% were placed out of service for mechanical problems. The driver out-of-service rate was 4%. That means nearly 13,000 vehicles and nearly 3,000 drivers were placed out of service. Contact us for consulting about changes in CSA and other service rules.
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